Kevin Kelly, photographed by Christopher Michel in 2021.

103 brilliant pieces of wisdom by Kevin Kelly

2022-07-02 Linkpost

Kevin Kelly, co-founder and executive editor of Wired magazine, recently turned 70. Happy Birthday!

His birthday gift to us all is “103 bits of unsolicited advice”. Each one brilliant and full of wisdom. And all are free.

The paradox of “free” is that people tend to not value the “free …

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A burning matchstick

Deprecating Feedburner


When I started blogging in the early 2000s, RSS emerged as an open standard for spreading the news. New post? Blam, everybody interested got a notification in their favorite newsreader.

Back then, building a proper RSS feed was more of an art than an exact science: Crafting proper XML while …

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A construction crane with some steel beams.

Blog renovations (again)


A long time ago (2017), I wrote about modernizing my blog’s infrastructure.

Guess, what: Time to modernize again!

Back then, I migrated from Drupal to a self-written, Jekyll-inspired static site generator written in Python (my current language of choice for most projects). I spent the majority of the time …

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A big, friendly, sign that says 'Hola'.

Welcome Back!


A lot has happened since I changed my job more than 5 years ago.

I learned new stuff, met a lot of customers, blogged and podcasted (though on other platforms), and I didn’t get to give this blog much care.

Until my old hoster told me that they’re …

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Street signs: Business as usual or the cloud?

Get Ready to Change Your Job

The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it. (Marcus Aurelius)

If you have a job in IT (and who among my readers hasn’t?), then it is going to fundamentally change soon.


In my own job, I see the full spectrum from where IT innovation …

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The Difference Between a Standard and a Preferred Vendor

2012-02-21 Obsolete

Recently, I attended a customer workshop where the customer declared that they standardized on x86, VMware and Linux.

That got me and my colleague thinking about what standardization really means and whether that actually makes sense.

The workshop was actually about defining a PaaS platform for the customer, and early …

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How to Render the Mandelbrot Set in the Joyent Cloud With Node.js

2011-05-15 Obsolete

First of all: Apologies for not posting for a long time. The reason? I was having too much fun with node.js and the Joyent Cloud :).

What started as a small experimental hack turned quickly into an exciting new pet project involving the good old Mandelbrot Set, as a web …

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2011 is coming down the road

A Review of 2010 and Plans for 2011

2011-01-12 Obsolete

The year 2011 is almost two weeks old, and by now you’ve probably read every other review/resolutions/plans blog post out there. Now you have time to read this one :).

But first of all: Apologies for not having blogged for weeks. I’ve been moving to a new …

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