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Iron Sky: The Trailer Is Here!

Iron Sky Poster

In Summer 2010 I learned about a cool new geeky movie called Iron Sky (no link, no longer exists) that was crowd-funded. I decided to help finance it with a small sum.

Then the second Iron Sky teaser came out and I thought: Wow, this is looking really good! And I invested some more.

In December 2010, I was invited to attend the Iron Sky shootings in Frankfurt together with my brother. This is where we got to meet the crew, the actors, the people behind the movie and other investors. And I thought: Wow, this is not only cool, this is for real! Everybody was 100% determined to make this the coolest movie ever, and everybody put in so much attention to detail, love and true craftmanship that I thought: “Yep, this is going to be a true movie milestone!” And I also got to shoot an interview with the director and the inventor of Iron Sky. This time, my brother and I together invested a bit more to help this baby fly.

Fast forward to December 2011 (regrettable, a second trip to Iron Sky shootings in Australia didn’t come together as I was already booked out from my regular job). This time, I got to see a beta version in Helsinki, and I brought home a Behind the Scenes Video Interview with the producer and the social media mastermind of Iron Sky.

Now, Iron Sky has been accepted for the 2012 Berlinale Festival (no link, no longer exists) starting next weekend. What a milestone!

Today, the official Iron Sky Trailer has been released:

In March, I’ll be visiting the Iron Sky team again, for the Finnish Premiere in Tampere, Finland.

And the official world-wide release is going to be April 4th, 2012.

If you like Mars Attacks!, Inglourious Basterds and/or American Dreamz, then this is the movie for you! If you don’t know/like these three movies, go see them, then think again.


  • Glorious space battles with lovingly detailed animation.

  • Fun dialogues that will make you laugh from the very beginning.

  • Classy evil villains that are too cool to be good.

  • Very smart heroines that will seize the situation and rip their male counterparts’ breaths.

  • Endless fun with ongoing American Presidency Election Campaigns.

  • To finally find out what “a true computer” looks like!

  • A new meaning to the Dawn of the gods (“Götterdämmerung”).

  • …and much more.

If you’re in Berlin next week for the Berlinale: Have fun!

If you’re going to the Finnish Premiere in Tampere: Let me know!

If you’re in Munich near April 4th, let me know, too!

Meanwhile, watch the trailer above and leave your comments.


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